Get your competitors in a tizzy…and get fizzy.

Any product that re-packages and sells the stuff we breath,  is the kind of company that displays just the right kind of disdain for consumerism that I really go for. Let’s get on with the summary of this commercial I didn’t make.

Nubile lady pushes air dispenser by the pool. check. Got my attention now what?

bottles of generic saccharine overload explode. Yay!

weird jew-fro kid with the chop suey action…mmm okay.

more bottles burst.

And the excellent act-surprised-dude-with clipboard in the factory as another shipment of mass produced sugar pop goes up in…well …air. Good good.

This ad is apparently banned in the UK. . hmm. Well, that feels a little staged.  What fine upstanding Uk media standards we have, beacon of light amidst all this celeb-dross darkness.

Blow it out of your….ahem.

The retro fitting of good for the planet  because sodastream doesn’t produce wasteful empty bottles isn’t entirely unbelievable n’all.

Gas canisters for christmas. Sexy.

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