Transversale loves sharp and sinuously strong original content. But it is the way it’s cut that adds, takes away and builds into that unconscious extra. During our time, serving most major broadcasters in the land, we have always insisted on editing like velvet gloved dervishes, getting to the core of any subject with a feint, a gasp and a deft sleight of hand. And our Spotify playlists have never let us down.

We spin through the codecs, the proxies and the LUTs to help you make the transition from shoot to edit a doddle – to give you the best post-production know how to make your project sing. I edit on Avid, Premiere, offline, online and grading and After Effects.

Marc Monserat is Director of Transversale Productions with experience writing, producing and editing content for the BBC, MTV, Discovery, Channel 5, Warner TV, History Channel, BTsport, HSBC, National Geographic, FX, Fox South Africa, JPMorgan, BT Vision, Kids Co Channel, On Demand, CITIBank, FIFA, Universal Channel, SYFY, Discovery Science US, EA Games, Disney Channel, Amnesty TV and ESPN. I’ve also been a copywriter and promo producer. If that helps.