“What Makes the World Cup So Great?”
FIFA Promo 2018. Avid Editor

“Champions League Launch”
BT Sport Promo. Avid Editor

The most recognisable piece of music in football. Cut on avid with Gary Lineker channelling his inner Liberace. Great work from Rodgers and Leeson inc. for the first and only time!

“Rocky & Wrighty: From Brockley to the Big Time”
BT Sport Films (48 mins) Avid Editor

A tribute to David Rocastle the Arsenal legend, led by friend and fellow teammate Ian Wright. 

“No Hunger in Paradise”  
BT Sport Films (48 mins) Avid Editor

Here’s the opening salvos of “No hunger in Paradise”, (48’min) from Michael Calvins’ book which focuses on the impossible dream of making it as a professional footballer in England today. It is very pertinent subject matter when you consider England’s Gareth Southgate and the part he has played in the FA’s grand plan of getting English youth players playing despite the best interests of the Premier League and their short term priorities.  A state of the nation piece. Cut on Avid.

“Gazetta: The Football Italia Story”  
BT Sport Films (48 mins). Avid Editor

This is the opening couple of minutes from the “Gazetta: Football Italia” (48′ minute doco) we made recently for BTsport to celebrate the days when Italian football glamour descended upon these shores (who knew it was a by-product of channel 4 following Gazza as he moved from Spurs to Lazio and was making the long road back to full fitness) which  persuaded English football to take buck up it’s ideas and morph into the shiny Premier League. It was football, but not as we knew it. Absolute hoot this one to make with producer Tom Boswell. Cut on Avid.

“Inside Bayern Munich”
BT Sport (48mins) Avid Editor

This is the opening few minutes of a 48-minute BTsport documentary with Owen Hargreaves, showing us the softer side of the Bayern Munich success machine. He takes us back to his first digs as a 16 year old, reminisces with former teammates and offers some sage advice to Bayern’s stars of the future. Well done T-Bos!  Cut, graded and delivered to Redbee on Avid.

BT Sport Showreel 2017
BT Sport Marketing


BT Sport Promo. Avid Editor

So the footballs gone and Summer seems like a yawning chasm of squinting-nothingness, but wait, here’s a factor 60 slap in the direction of the Summer sports to avoid the sun by.


“Urgences Delirantes”
Discovery France Promo. Avid Editor

Transversale doesn’t shy away from the difficult subjects when there are promos to be made, No siree! and when it comes to ‘Inflagrante Delicto’we wont be cowed. Here’s a 30″ for Discovery France.

I think we were successful in our attempt to make viewers want to watch hilarious Sex-Fails and with the good humour of the french team at my side, this made for a rollicking good promo. Co-squirmished and written by Erwann and my good self. Kept it clean on Avid by me.

“Speciale Machines”
Discover France Promo. Creative and Edit


“Irrepressible Suarez”
BTsport. Promo. Avid Editor


Fox Entertainment Promos 
Promo producer, Editor and Writer


NBA sizzle
BT Sport . Avid Editor


Promo producer, Editor and Writer


“Gaz Coombes: Why I’m United”
BT Sport (30 mins). Avid Editor


The Young Turks
Camera man, Editor, Writer


CSI New York
Universal Channel Promo. Creative (scripting) and Editor


“David Seaman ruined my life”
BT Sport. FA Cup Promo. Avid Editor

Lovingly cut on avid. A real tear jerker this one. 

History Channel Promo. Original Concept and Editing


Channel 5 Promo. Creative (scripting) and Editing


“Cuckoos Nest”
Promo for Smithereen Production Company. Original Concept, Copywriting and Editing