RUGBY STORIES – 13 part docuseries for btsport

“THE STING: WASPS 2003-2004

Heres’s the intro of Season 1 of Rugby Stories that we completed in June 2022, a 13 part BTsport doc-series that I helped weave with my fellow edit siege craftsman, producer Ben Carey. The whole job was done remotely…I had to get a satellite dish (works brilliantly at 3am!) to conjure up edits 24/7. I cut the first two episodes on Premiere, then we migrated onto Avid for the remainder… just for giggles – which helped us integrate with the Avids at BT (Stratford). Remote working has it’s challenges, but overall, you get a more enjoyable viewing experience with films that are looser more creatively interesting which really makes our films pop! Ahem.

The entire series was cut with commercial music. What a joy. But once the excitement subsides, it is a daunting task which adds considerable hours to your day to just get it ‘just right’. I got dip into all the bangers from 20 years ago and how often can you cut from The Strokes to Oasis and then to Elastica in the space of a minute. Awesome!

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