Ad Love

Photographers cower behind advertising hoardings, substitutes hang on to the dug out for grim life, and riot police hunker down for some serious Ronaldo force-10 gusts, in this new nike commercial for the mercurial vapour.

Portugal! harness the gusty power of Ronaldo and solve your power needs forever. That’d get the wind back into the portuguese economy and return it to rude health.

I would imagine the Messi counter commercial would be more of a stroll in a gentle breeze on a summers day – the birdy’s contentedly chirruping as they perch on slowly swaying branches watching on approvingly, as he twinkles by. 

Step aside wee man and eat my ticker-tape sucker as, defenders cling to the earth and managers glasses are blown off  as bilious goals are wafted in imperiously. Ronaldo style.

Ah, the humble, yet mag-knee-ficent powerslide. Something difficult to execute effectively in the workplace, at the drinking-hole or indeed at church. In the football world the knee powerslide fraternity is an exclusive club where only the elite (Rooney, Van Persie, Bale) are allowed to enter; although somewhat alarmingly Danny Graham has shown some aptitude in the past. He should sign for a bigger club so that he can devote more time,  not have it go unnoticed and concentrate on this lovely by product of the net-bulging process.

In this excellent promo Canal+ empower us to execute the powerslide, during their premier league games on the telly.

I’m sure other countries have goals that merit the power slide, but in the UK all our pitches are made of green-dyed Vaseline. Bet that Leandro, had to have his arse cheeks grafted onto his knees after that one.

Really clean, obvious yet, globally shot lovely promo.

Particularly the imprint of the pillow on the little ‘uns cheek.

The transition from asleep stuff shot in the controlled environments at the beginning to the actual sleep acting in the harsher environments was well observed indeed.

No flab here, and indeed none required. nice.

Any product that re-packages and sells the stuff we breath,  is the kind of company that displays just the right kind of disdain for consumerism that I really go for. Let’s get on with the summary of this commercial I didn’t make.

Nubile lady pushes air dispenser by the pool. check. Got my attention now what?

bottles of generic saccharine overload explode. Yay!

weird jew-fro kid with the chop suey action…mmm okay.

more bottles burst.

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