Discovery France – ‘Hardcore Pawns’ 60″

Times are hard in Detroit, but Les Gold is even harder when it comes to not getting ripped off and striking the best deals at American Jewellery and loan. A constant stream of pure reality tv gold pours through the doors each and every day making for an unpredictable and riotous show. We made a stab at an 8 mile homage. Thanks to the French team at Discovery once more.

Discovery France”Americana Burgerama!”_Semaine du gout

Apparently in French Schools, in order to promote diversity and open-minded palates in the young, ‘Semaine du Gout’ was cooked up under the auspices of ‘Let’s tolerate foreign food for a bit, eh?’. American cuisine is under the heat lamp in this 30″ stunt, celebrating everything plunged deeply into boiling fat.  – most taste-bud provoking indeed.

Co-chefed with Erwann at Discovery.  Prepared and finished by Transversale and heated through and served on Avid.

Bon appétit!

Discovery France ‘Cuban Chrome’ 60″

When the US embargo was lifted on Cuba, this production was one of the first examples of an all American crew allowed to make a documentary on the island. It chronicles the stories of 3 very different men who all share the same undying obsession for American classic cars that has had the nation in raptures for over 50 years.

Co-wrote this with Erwann. Au boulot!

BTsport: 2 men, 81 Caps and some cups

Here’s a little skit from BTsports Friday night slice of irreverency as presenter George Lamb takes on Former England and Manchester United stalwart Rio Ferdinand at Rock, Paper, Scissors. Cheers to the team of Mark, Dom, Stu, Frasier,  Matt and Brian for getting me on board. This was from the launch show. Cut on Avid.

Discovery Channel (France) Urgences Delirantes 30″

Transversale doesn’t shy away from the difficult subjects when there are promos to be made, No siree! and when it comes to ‘Inflagrante Delicto’ we wont be cowed. Here’s a 30″ for Discovery France.

I think we were successful in our attempt to make viewers want to watch hilarious Sex-Fails and with the good humour of the french team at my side, this made for a rollicking good promo. Co-squirmished and written by Erwann and my good self. Kept it clean on Avid by me.