We at Transversale love sharp and sinuously strong original content. But it is the way it’s cut that adds, takes away and builds into that unconscious extra. During our time, serving most major broadcasters in the land, we have always insisted on editing like velvet gloved dervishes: getting to the core of any subject with a feint, a gasp and a deft sleight of hand.

Highly experienced with Avid, Premiere, offline, online and grading, the odd AFX enhancement to an edit; not to mention a good ole’ versioning session.

BTSport “Playtime”

Discovery France “Urgences Delirantes” 30″

BTsport: “Irrepressible Suarez” – Avid Editor

Fox Entertainment: Promo producer, Editor and Writer 

BTsport: “Inside Bayern Munich” – Avid Editor (48mins)

BTsport: NBA sizzle – Editor

SyFy: Promo producer, Editor and Writer

BTsport; Editor Gaz Coombes: “Why I’m United”

The Young Turks: Camera man, Editor, Writer

Universal Channel: promo producer, Editor

“David Seaman ruined my life”: Avid Editor

BTsport: “Inside Bayern Munich”( End of show): Avid Editor

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