101GOPRO_all footage ish.00_06_21_02.Still003Transversale rinses out the production hassle, spins through the codecs, the proxies and the  LUTs (filthy devils) to rinse the competition (really?) to give you the best post-production know how to help push your messaging past the grey water of all those other videos and to give your project what 8 out 10 housewives would recommend. Okay, Okay I’m an Editor. I edit on Avid and Premiere and do a bit of After Effects. Shucks.

Wanna go back to the drawing board but need something on-air lickety-split? It needn’t be a wrench. Transversale reduces the friction in the creative process all the way through to wringing the best out of your budget whilst getting your production on air and squeaky clean.

Marc Monserat is Director of Transversale Productions with experience producing and editing content for the BBC, MTV, Discovery, Channel 5, Warner TV, History Channel, BTsport, HSBC, National Geographic, FX, Fox South Africa, JPMorgan, BT Vision, Kids Co Channel, On Demand, CITIBank, Universal Channel, SYFY, Discovery Science US, EA Games, Disney Channel, Amnesty TV and ESPN. I’ve also been a copywriter and promo producer. If that helps.


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